Random Material Assigner for Objects with Multiple MaterialIDs

Works on one or multiple object selections. Script detects the materialID count and creates a multi-sub material(s) for the selected object(s), and changes the diffuse channel with a random color. If there is only one materialID on the object, script simply creates a standart material.

Download Random Material Assigner for Objects with MaterialID

As this is a macroscript, after running it, you need to add it to a quad menu, or an icon on a toolbar, or to a menu. Script’s category is “emrahgunduz.com”.

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Keep these in mind

  • Created materials are named after the object’ own name.
  • Materials in the multi-sub object will be “Standard”.
  • Changes diffuse channel color with a random one.
  • Works only with poly, mesh or patch object. There is no nurbs or basic object support.